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Jesus Half Animal Villa 6th Guinness World Record Attempt

Jesus Half Animal Villa 6th Guinness World Record Attempt

Jesus “Half Animal” Villa Announces “The Longest Journey,” a Las Vegas to Los Angeles Run on Spring-Loaded Stilts to Set New Guinness World Record coming This Fall, Team Half Animal founder Jesus Villa will go against all odds in an incredible journey from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on spring-loaded stilts. Over the course of 14 days, Villa will cover a distance of 500k with an average of just over 22 miles per day. The run, aptly named “The Longest Journey,” will serve as a testament of will and dedication. Always pushing to challenge the boundaries for what we consider impossible, Jesus Villa will set a new example of extreme commitment. “After the last two records, we have received an overwhelming response from fans who found our positive message inspiring and who wanted to take part in the movement,” explains Jesus Villa. “As a result, we decided to offer a much bigger event this time around and to create an experience that will allow people to get involved beyond the Las Vegas area. ”The details of the run will be announced over the next few months. In the meanwhile, fans and supporters can follow Half Animal’s journey online at and make a donation to help make this dream come true.

Jesus Half Animal Villa sets new Guinness World Record for “The Greatest Distance Covered on Spring Loaded Stilts in 24 hours” December, 16th 2012


6th world record attempt


Anyone who understands sacrifice understands that everything comes second when setting a world record says Jesus “Half Animal” Villa, I maybe set a world record but I lost everything else in doing so. The commitment and dedication put into a world record is so necessary that the repercussions can result in very serious injury’s etc.. especially when the record is so physically demanding you must be focused 150%. As long as I can continue helping and make a difference in the community I will invest everything I got hopping that one day someone will come and pick up where I left off. Making a difference and raising awareness is a key factor behind Team Half Animal. “The power is in your choice make that choice” Team Half Animal