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PRESS RELEASE: 6TH World Record Attempt December 8th, 2012

The Half Animal Jesus Villa will be going for his sixth Guinness World Record


While some people collect coins, and other collect old casino shot glasses, The half man, half animal Jesus Villa collects Guinness World Records.

Having already holding the records for:

  • Longest front flip over a car
  • Most consecutive front flips
  • Most Consecutive 90 Degree Push Up’s
  • Most consecutive back flips
  • And a double back flip

All while on spring loaded stilts.

Villa is now set to take his spring loaded stilt adventures to the extreme, with a run from Las Vegas all the way to Los Angeles, also on spring loaded stilts. But nothing less should be expected from a performer that has continually raised the bar on the stunts he develops and performs. As the originator of the Half man, Half Animal act in Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity, Villa is most comfortable taking on what seems to be an impossible challenge.

For seventeen years, Villa has been putting the wow into acrobatic performance, with his aforementioned Zumanity act, appearances on Comcast’s’ Xfinity commercial, and Jennifer Lopez’s music video Do it Well. Over 14 days, Villa will cover a distance of 310 miles, over the harsh terrain of the Mojave Desert, the San Bernardino Mountains, and the ever treacherous urban jungle of southern California. Physical, mental, and mechanical limits are all certain to meet their limits when Jesus Villa sets off on his journey.

Of course there will be plenty of Villa’s friends on hand to see him off properly, with Pamela Anderson, David LaChapelle, Criss Angel, and the performers of Cirque making appearances. Fellow Half Animal teammate Cristin Sandu will also be showcasing his talents with a performance worthy of Cirque itself.

Show your support! December 8th, 2012 at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas 2323 Potosi St, Las Vegas NV 89146. 702-252-7345.








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