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“The Longest Journey” 


 1. The entire distance must be walked on spring loaded stilts – any stretches

walked on foot or covered by any other means would not count.

2. Only spring loaded stilts commercially available and unmodified can be used for

this attempt.

3. The stilts should be at least 30 cm (1 ft) from ground to ankle, and at least 90

cm (3 ft) in height overall.

4. This is not a non-stop event, but the challenger must cover on average 30 km

(19 miles) per day with in 24 hour time frame from start time to exactly 24 hours latter


Half Animal “The Longest Journey” Day before record attempt! December 7th, 2012


Half Animal “The Longest Journey” Day 2 December 9th, 2012


Half Animal “The Longest journey” Day 3 early morning update very tired! December 10th 2012


Half Animal “The Longest journey” Day 3 afternoon dealing with a lot pain. December 10th 2012


Half Animal “The Longest journey” Day 4 afternoon update. dealing with more pain the ever the bruising and swelling from both knees down is just unbelievable! December 11th, 2012


A picture so everyone can see how swollen my legs are from my knees down to my bottom of my feet obviously you can’t see my feet because of my shoes but my even my ankles are swollen December 12th, 2012


Sandstorms, treacherous terrain, Rain, trash everywhere alongside the roads after talking with Guinness world records® on the phone today December 13th 2012 they felt for my well-being & safety it be better to create a new category then risking the chance of me getting hit by a car or semi truck in route to Los Angeles on spring-loaded stilts. The new category is called “The greatest distance covered on spring-loaded stilts in 24 hours”

The current record (current as at the date of this letter) is: Minimum Requirements:
50 km (31.1 mi) December 13th, 2012


Friends family & supporters world wide! Along with the world record for “The longest journey”, I will attempt to break “The greatest distance covered in 24 hours on spring-loaded stilts”. The current Guinness World Record is 31.1 miles. I will start Sunday the 16th around 11:00AM at Charlie Frias Park, on the corner of Tropicana & Decatur, & won’t stop. I might as well take advantage of the opportunity, being that I’m running on stilts & add those miles to the 310 mile goal that I set out to achieve & been training for since February 2012. I welcome everyone to join me. Feel free to bring your bike, jogging shoes or even skates & run alongside with me! Sincerely, from the bottom my heart, thank you for all your support & love! I’m a better person today because of you.,-Half Animal® December 15th, 2012

Criss Angel, Jesus “Half Animal Villa” & CoCo


After having a super successful event December 8th at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas then running the 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th like a mad man on stilts December 12th I had to take a break because of a recurring injury I’ve been dealing for months. It rained the 13th 14th & 15th so it was impossible to run but Sunday December 16th was a sunny day!

Friends & family by the end of the day Sunday, December 16, 2012 around 10:20PM under the Guinness World Record category “The greatest distance covered in 24 hours on spring-loaded stilts” I broke and set a new world record with a total of 36.84 miles.


The repercussion’s of running 30 plus miles over a period of several days on spring loaded stilts. December 17th 2012


I can finally say after week I’m walking around and feeling a lot better still feeling a lot of pain in both knees but the overwhelming support and love around the world has only made me want to become more of who I am. First and foremost happy holidays and for those who are less fortunate all you have to do is look around and remember how lucky you really are God bless each and everyone of you and thank you for supporting Half Animal® I feel as if I’m just getting started with a whole lot more to give my merchant account is coming back soon plus the possibility Half Animal® performing live on a daily basis is looking very promising details to come! Sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you and especially my team! God Bless! Half Animal® All rights Reserved since 2006 Todays date 12/25/12

Team members Pamela Anderson. Jesus “Half Animal” Villa, Criss Angel





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