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“Setting world records is very challenging both physically and mentally. It’s not about performing the impossible, it’s about creating a blueprint that others can follow and go beyond the possible into the impossible.

I couldn’t have done it without my team and I hope to continue inspiring a world that has inspired me. This page is dedicated to my supporters and the positive feedback that I receive on a daily basis. Sincerely, Half Animal

Guy Laliberté co-founder and the current CEO of Cirque du Soleil.

Criss Angel, is an American magician and illusionist.

Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian actress, model, producer, author, activist.

Dr. Roger A. Fontes, MD

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known by her stage name Lady Gaga.

Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian actress, model, producer, author, activist.

“Jesus, you move beautifully, I must see to it that you are at my next show, :-) I admire your imagination” – Eunice

“Jesus!! It was great meeting you at EDC my friend & then seeing you again for Audiotistic!! You’re truly inspiring sir, much love & respect! Keep up the momentum!” – Blake

“Jesus, I’m in love with this Half Animal concept.” – Jasmine

“Your artistry, brilliant.” – Michael

“You always eat such amazing foods.” – Tatianna

“Can I set a record too bro? Looks like fun! Wish I could train with u” – Jeff

“yio jesus you inspire me to train hard man…” – Daniel

“Jessie – You are beautiful. Que lindo, Papi!” Jessica

“You inspire me!” – Alena

“one in 7billion :) ” – Robert

“Have I told u TODAY how much of an inspiration u are? #TRUESTORY” – Jayme

“Half Animal All Legend” – Wes

“Jesus>Wow!  It’s amazing that you’re doing all of your foods organically and with taste and class. Food network would be proud of you! hahaha :-) ” – Mike

“You’re not a half animal anymore Jesus…you’re a full animal!” – Eunice

“Jesus, you rock my world! Every time you post something new on, it’s a testament to just how hard you work. Keep up the good work, you’re a major inspiration!” – Matthew

“♥ Half Animal………Hell, you’re the inspiration to a lot of people…….” – Kelly

“Thank u for ur amazing performance at the Botanical Gardens in Denver! Nice seeing ya in Vegas too :) ” – Nicole

“Obsessed is just another word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. ” – Phillip

“Check out this video. Jesus Villa is sooooo amazingly talented. He truly is an inspiration both physically and mentally. I wish I had 1 oz of the dedication he does!!!!! Can’t wait to watch him set yet ANOTHER world record!!!! The sky is the limit doll!!!!!! ♥ HALF ANIMAL!!!!” – Jayme

“Wow… that’s just a whole other level your diet is crazy!!!” – Chad

“♥ wish I was in ur industry of work!!” – Amy

“Breaking records, being an animal, eating healthy.. I cannot keep up with you darling! I hope you are well.” – Eunice

“I think you do more than most people can even imagine. And better! Stay true to yourself and stay strong!” – Liana

“Would love to work with you one day, all the best to you.” – William

“I was watching the history channel yesterday and they had a record breaking thing and they said “Jesus Half Animal Villa” I literally dropped what I was doing. Lol!” – Eunice

“In order to become the best you must put yourself in the position of the best . Surrounding yourself with the eagles will help you soar instead of pooping with the pigeons. The masses are always jealous haters who say you can’t do it. But… eagles are so secure that they will share with those who work hard and are willing to learn. Fly high and proud young man. With an attitude like yours you will be soaring in no time.” – Dawn

“Animals don’t look to see if it’s raining , snowing or it’s nice and sunny! When its time to hunt, it’s time to hunt!” – Jazon

“I’m wondering how many calories you eat and how much it costs to do all the amazing stuff you do. :-) ” – Sam

“Awesome how you control over the way your life unfolds. You’ll be amazing just being you.” – Michael

“Hurry up and get those hoodies up for sale. It’s COLD out here in Chicago and would love to show my support!!!! ♥’n Team Half Animal.” – Jayme

“Already changed my life. Much respect Jesus, Live the Dream!” – Blake


“I wish u the best in your training for your world records. I would have never known you had a hip replacement for all the things you do. Much respect to you. You are truly a inspiring person for everything you do, have done, and are going to do in your lifetime.” – Erica

“Hey Jesus, you know this, but you are who you are today because of what you have gone through over the years. I believe without a doubt that your inspiration coincides with your journey. What impacts you negatively will ultimately make you stronger and more determined. Totally excited for you and this next chapter.” – Michael

“OMG THAT WAS AAAAAA-MAZING!!!!!!!! CONGRATS OMG !!! That was awesome… (btw I thought that I should add… That I couldn’t do ONE of those if my life depended on it !!! ALMOST MIRACULOUS) I’ll share this …!!! CONGRATS AGAIN JESUS!!” – Kristen


“Way to to Jesus!!! Half Animal!!! Watched a bunch of your videos, congrats on your world record… again. You’re crazy. Hope Vegas is treating you good. Btw I had my school record for pullups in 5th grade. 32! holler!” – Jamie

“You’re in my prayers every night – Best of luck next month, hope to be there to watch.” – Michael

“Wow Jesus… Sorry about your fall…. I guess you are human after all! It’s probably good to study these videos… Hope you are ok…” – Kimberly

“Tiesto!!?? And you!!?? = AWESOME! Congrats, hope your show is fantastic – happy for you.” – Mike

“Had an awesome time sharing the stage with you. I feel very privileged.” – Angel

“u are sooooo disciplined and dedicated. You set the bar high and u exceed it every time. I always tell u how much of an inspiration u are. Reach for the stars babe and DON’T STOP UNTIL THEY ARE IN YOUR HANDS. ♥’n Team Half Animal.” – Jayme

“angel look at you .believe me. if you have a big wish – you can destroy the rocks. but if you dont have a big wish-rock dont come to you. in my country said this!)” – Elna

“You can do anything you chose to do. Give it your best and have faith that you are the best. Love.” – Jacky

“Damn you are built like a machine! :) ” – Carlo

“Wow… You are rocking hard…” – Joey

“I am not sure this looks half animal – the metamorphisis looks like its a full blown 100% animal – all animals are predatory and feed on prey, I like that you feeding on drive and determination.” – Michael

“Awesome bro glad you are modeling the way for others to do big and great things. Looking forward to see you break that world record.” – Anel

“I hope you’re ok champ..” – Jamie


“That’s the spirit bro! True greatness is defined by the obstacles we overcome. Half Animal is a champion no matter what. Just give it your best, that’s all we/you can ask for!” – Steve

“YOU ARE SUPER ANIMAL DAMN IT!!!!! Remember, you inspire greatness!!!! ♥’n HALF ANIMAL ♥” – Jayme

“You R an Animal! Not half… Be the best beast men!” – Oleg

“you’re almost there. you got this all the way!! Sending many positive vibes your way, xo” – Jamie

“Watching my talented love Jesus Half Animal set another (couple) guinness book records! ♥” – Kimber

“Waiting to see Half Animal set Guinness world record back flip on spring-loaded stilts” – Brigette

“Congratulation, Bro!! I’m proud of you.” – Alex

“Congratulations Jesus!! Well done on your record breaking achievement :) ” – Aus

“I am so proud of my dear friend Jesus Villa that invited me today to witness the impossible being done. Jesus is a former Cirque acrobat and is now reaching out to millions of people to let them know that the impossible is NOT impossible – He broke the record in the most consecutive frontflips on STILTS and added to the event some more insanity by jumping over a car (on stilts!) that would make Evel Knievel look like pu**y on wheels. I could not resist but to buy his HALF ANIMAL Gear and HIT a depletion workout and take some bas ass footage in it…” – Markus

“You an inspiration to us all my friend, keep pushing yourself & it will keep pushing me! Congratz on all the hard work & way to leave a mark in this world, Much respect Cap’N!” – Blake

“What a good look babes!! Reading that made me a lil teary eyed I remember when u were injured and u ALWAYS kept the same positive outlook on the bullshit!!! wishing u the best!!!” – Deana

“u r so determined and never give up. Keep it up. Peace!” – Juan

“I’m glad it is a beautiful day, more favorable conditions for my inspiring world-class athlete friend Jesus Villa of Team Half Animal to demonstrate what months of dedication and hard work towards a goal can achieve.. this isn’t just luck.” – Jamie

“You did the amazing ONCE AGAIN and you keep inspiring people young and old.. I was so stoked afterwards that I skipped going out and went to the gym instead! Sat night and I’m at LVAC doing leg rehab exercises.. motivated by the half animal ;) ” – Steve

“What an amazing accomplishment 5 world records!!!” – Tiffany

“YOU DID IT!!! HALF ANIMAL IS MENTAL!!! so proud, you’re my hero xo” – Rhiana

“Congrats to Jesus Villa who broke (another!) TWO Guinness Book World Records yesterday in Vegas!! #teamhalfanimal” – Jeni

“You are amazing both in physical ability and mental strength.” – Christa

“You’re truly inspirational to watch man… Cheers to all the hard work and the broken records and many more to come… Team Half Animal!!!” – Kareem

“All your discipline and determination paid off … You are amazing! Congratulations!” – Kimberly

“I knew you would be successful!” – Jacky

“Jesus Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you & all the battles you have overcome to do things nobody has ever done!! You are an amazing example of how the body follows the mind reguardless of pain. With your jedi focus and presence anything is possible!!” – Kristy

“You are one sick %$^%& !!!!!!!!! Respect!!!!!!!
I always knew you have an animal in you!!!! Love you bro!!!!” – Andrey

“I didn’t doubt your results after the effort you put in. You spoke volumes with your action.” – Michael

“I saw the world record video. Wow a lot of pressure, but you did. 
I hope my next visit to Vegas we can meet you.
I’m your fan. Love :-) ” – Patricia

“u best in the worldddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))” – Elna

“what is the next record you are going to break ?:) =)” – Carlo

“You’re amazing I’m so proud of you cuz, you make the impossible possible and look so easy glad to hear you made your goal you are such an inspiration…” – Ralph-Jenny

“What an awesome event. Congrats and thanks for the invite. My boys and I really enjoyed it.” – Darren

“I have been following your updates with regards to the world records that you are attempting to break this Saturday 12 November. I have been a fan of yours for many years now, tracked down and watched all of your video clips. You are a very inspirational person and I think you will do a great job breaking those records! I live in Australia so I won’t be able to see you in person, but will there be videos or video clips released of you after the attempt has taken place? I am really keen to watch in particular the 20 foot front flip over a car! Also, do you have anymore Half Animal merchandise for sale on your website? Look forward to hearing from you and best of luck with all of the training leading up to the weekend!” – Your fan, Corey

“You’re an amazing performer, and should have one fan page so that your fans can leave you some love!” – Matthew

“Really, I am not sure you comprehend how YOU and your great smile and positive thoughts have influenced me over the past month. Thanks for making me stay positive with your own efforts in life that you share with others! :)  It’s amazing how just one person can give you back all the confidence you never thought you’d have again just by reading one of your inspirational posts – I appreciate them.” – Michael

“Been watching your success and your accomplishments! Wow good stuff!! So proud of you! Just wanted to say Hi and I will be looking you up for your next record breaker this Sat. Much Love ;-)Good Luck!!” – Belen

“You are such an inspirational person!! Can’t wait to see video footage of the amazing feats of acrobatics that you do!! All the best from Australia and the best of luck to you my friend!” – Tom

“You always inspire us to work harder and push it further” – Team Jones

“Thanks JESUS you totally inspire me… keep up what you do the world needs you…” – Marcus

“You’re Amazing! So proud of your success Jesus” – Leah

“You are so amazing, my friend. You really can do *anything*” – Genee

“Mr Half Animal is the Best !!” – Paulo

“Your life looks crazy insane! So inspiring to follow you” – Jenny

“You are oh so lucky and blessed with talent. I truly envy you Jesus:).” – Josh

“I am so excited to see all the cool things you’re doing! Looks like you’re having so much fun.” – Hope

“Rocking Half Animal RIGHT NOW!” – Leigh

“Wow Jesus, just by meeting you, I would have never imagined you went through that much in your life ! ! You are a very inspirational person, and have the strength to touch that SUN ! ! ! Good Luck with everything!!” – Heather

“Just sprained my ankle for the 3rd time, but you are an inspiration to me… Animals get hurt and it’s live or die… What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!! Respect!!” – David

“Its a honor to have Jesus Villa as a friend if you get a chance, check out his site and the caliber of this guy’s talent, Amazing!” – Jim

“Love it man. You’re the best” – Robert

“Hats off to you :D (I am so honored)” – Milena

“It’s so amazing in the amount of training you do each day. Take more videos, it’s so inspiring to see it, I only wish I would do it.” – Yesenia

“I’m so proud of u for all the amazing things u have accomplished and the things ur continuing to do.. it’s awesome!” – Christina

“UR The Best Jesus! Hard working, focused on reaching your goals; with Love my sincere congratulations!” – Magda

“Congratulations brother! You are so inspirational!” – Robert

“Congrats Jesus! It’s truly amazing!!! You’re on a roll (what’s next?)” – Eric

“Damn buddy!!! Ur hella strong :) I wanna be just like u when I grow up! ((lol))” – Steve

“You are amazing Jesus…. Congratulations!!!!!” – Widson

“Sending good vibes to Jesus Villa as he smashes another world record!” – Richard

“I can’t wait to see the new world champion video!!! HALF ANIMAL!! You did it again” – Robert

“OUTSTANDING!!! I knew you would do it!!! So proud of you!!! Big congrats!!” – Tonya

“Congratulation from Argentina, South America! Nice!” – Sebastian

“Congratulations!!! You worked so hard for so long. I am so proud of you.” – Sonja

“Wow! sounds pretty fucking amazing! Well done. Keep inspiring the world. Hope to fucking chill soon.” – Michael

“Congratulations Jesus! Proof you can do anything you set your mind to.” – Craig

“You did it again you showed the world you’re the best and that if you put your mind and heart into anything in life you can do it I’m proud to be your cuzin luv” – Hector

“Half Animal… It sounds like a group and ideology I’m very much into. Thanks for the add; it was inspirational to meet you.” – Ben

“Jesus, I want to rep some Half Animal clothes on Kauai! How can I get a few shirts or tanks or something??!!” – Emily

“Love your work! Thanks for inspiring! :-) ” – Jennifer

“I would love to try ur daily workout routines!~!~!~! Incredible” – Angelique

“Jesus you’re amazing! Keep it up. I may not be half animal but I am working on at least part animal lol!” – Josh

“half animal, half amazing!” – Vital

“Oh my goodness this footage just had me on the edge! WOW” – Deon

“U r an awesome freak!!! That’s was my first impression and I still believe it firmly ;) After seeing some of ur pics I’m adding with and incredibly flexible body, next time I get to Vegas I need to see a performance!!!” – Angie

“u are ALL animal mister! ur inspiring me to better eating! sugar is my downfall!” – Kevin

“Jesus.. What a pleasure to have met you yesterday… You are not only an amazing athlete, and the ‘star’ of the show, but you are so giving to share all these amazing diet secrets.. and the H202 therapy!!! OMG!!! I’m totally intrigued by all of it, as this has been my life’s course… I am literally gobbling up all of this!… Gonna try the juice first… I make one with carrots, apple, ginger, ‘cilantro’, and sometimes add asparagus, spinach and kale… I actually call it my Jesus Juice! Ha! Thank you for sharing all of it!” – Kimberly

“You must maximize your talents cuz you are very BLESSED!! You are an amazing althlete… and person! Good luck on your training, but you don’t need it! You of all people can do anything you set your mind to!” – Maureen

“How about a slice of pizzanimal” – Marcus

“Come on check my friend Jesus Villa Half Animal website ! He’s so talented!” – Jerem

“You’ll always be amazing. You’ve surpassed the spectacle you once were into an amazing person. The best thing is you’ve done it on your own.” – Ty

“You are amazing Jesus…. no really….. hahahaha my brotha!!!!!” – Mark

“U ARE A BEAST!!!!! (I mean that with love and respect)” – Jayme

“Hey Brotha! I been following your tweets. You sound like you’re doing big things! I’m happy for you and inspired. Go Team Half Animal!…” – Jason

“So, ’bout to hit the gym! It’s time to go get my fat off. I was motivated before but after seeing Team Half Animal and Jesus Villa how they train, makes what I have to do look like pre school!!!! Thanks for the extra kick in the butt with all your posts and pics~” – Jessica

“You’re incredible! Half Animal all the way.” – Jaime

“You are awesome my friend!!!!” – Alicia

“Big ups to my inspiring coach, Jesus Villa for always trying to help out our community and sharing his talents with the world. GO TEAM HALF ANIMAL!!” – Brandon

“Everything u do is extraordinary. That being said, good luck hun. ♥ Team Half Animal.” – Brit

“U go Jesus – Ur the BEST!” – Lee

“I enjoyed meeting Jesus! who’s been training the Super Cr3w 4 ABDC performance, it was even an honor meeting a few of them in person :) !” – Meghan

“Half Animal technique.. kill it Jesus” – Steve

“Saw all your clips, amazing stuff bro. I wanna be half animal, actually im half robot :) ” – Dumbo, Pereodics

“Soon you may have to re-name yourself to 3/4 animal….” – Johan

“Damn.. Jesus you’re too gangster man too gangster haha” – Chad

“Woot~WooT….. Ur just too awesome!!!! It’s not realistic to be so awesome…. Continue being unreal…. It’s way cooler ;D” – Tiffany

“You’re AMAZING !!!! Where I can send my resume to work with you next year!?” – Hugo

“I wanna be on Team Half Animal :( ” – Dakota

“You are simply amazing luv!!!! Keep being you!!! PS- Have I told u how inspiring you are lately??? lol. ♥ TEAM HALF ANIMAL!!!!” – Jayme
”I love that you eat so healthy all the time.” – Tatianna

“Your videos show U have been doing this for DECADES and IDK if even if I started training to become perfect I could ever beat you. Ur just too good… Seriously maybe in 10 years I might condition my body to be as flexible and great as Urs… And FYI I go to the gym and I eat pretty good and I take all the vitamins and suppliments and herbs… Just goes to show how good he really is :) ” – Lee

“Your motivation and drive inspires me brother! I know if approach any obstacle or goal in my life with the will you possess success is will soon follow…” – Kareem